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Hot jobs 2012

Finding a job is always tough, but some students in Portland State’s class of 2012 make it look easy. As the job market brightens, students with degrees in business, computer science and graphic design are fielding multiple offers and landing jobs at companies such as Nike and Here are tips from three successful students:


Alexis Carlough

BS, computer science

New job:
Software developer,

Start date: July 9

How she did it: Her department chair sent her resume to She prepared for every stage of the process, spending a lot of time writing her resume and cover letter and researching the company. She also attended a career fair, interviewed with several companies and turned down another offer.

Advice: Give out business cards at job fairs, because a lot of recruiters won’t take paper resumes.

Quote: “I’m excited about moving to Seattle, giving up my tiny apartment and not being a struggling student anymore. I’m looking forward to getting to know my team and learning new technology. They tend to work you pretty hard, but I’m fine with that.”



Cameron Sandage

BA, graphic design

New job: Graphic designer, Nike SPARQ

Start date: June 11

How he did it: He met a Nike recruiter at a design conference in October, and they kept in touch. He started a contract job over spring break and was then offered a permanent position.

Advice: Keep your LinkedIn profile updated, network, take risks, and enjoy what you do.

Quote: “I am most looking forward to developing as a designer and building my professional career. It is also a great organization with great people, so I think it will be a lot of fun.”


Nalini Subramaniam

Master of Business Administration

New job:
Information technology consultant, Slalom Consulting

Start date: July 9

How she did it: She began her search early, met with career advisers, gathered a lot of information and talked to people in the field. She first met Slalom recruiters at a job fair in January. She turned down an offer from another consulting firm to work at Slalom.

Advice: Don’t get discouraged and try out every avenue possible.

Quote: “I had about seven years of experience in IT before I started my MBA. I wanted to have a job that used my IT experience and business education. Consulting is the best of both worlds.”