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Friends + Mentors = Friendtorship

For Ben Hazard,  an at-risk sophomore at Centennial Learning Center, attending college was nothing more than a distant concept – until he set foot on PSU’s campus.  Coming from a fixed income household, Ben was on the verge of dropping out when he first visited PSU last year. Now? “This has made me consider working to go to college cause' I've seen the environment, I've seen the people and I've seen what you can do with it, and I think its kind of... awesome.” 

Now in its second year, PSU’s Friendtorship program partners at-risk high school students from Centennial with graphic design undergraduates. The teams, made up of one Centennial student and two PSU undergraduate mentors, collaborate on art and design projects that address social issues like “what is art?” and “what is community?”  The program exposes the youth, most of whom have experienced homelessness and poverty, to the possibilities of college. It also teaches college students how to talk about design concepts with an audience who are not familiar with design language and jargon. 

Friendtorship is already changing expectations. Many of the Centennial students credit the program for a newfound desire to attend college. 

To learn more about Friendtorship, check out the work they've been doing here: 

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