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FAQs: Four-Year Degree Guarantee

How does it work?
If you are a full-time freshman entering Portland State in fall 2016, you can sign an agreement to follow a four-year degree path. PSU will give you the advising and courses you need to graduate in four years. If you meet all the requirements of the agreement and still can’t graduate on time due to course availability, PSU will not charge you any tuition for the rest of the classes you need. You only pay for four years.

How and when do I sign up?
The opt-in period for students admitted for fall 2016 begins May 1 and ends June 1, 2016. You academic adviser will review your academic record to determine your eligibility for the 4-Year Degree Guarantee (4YDG).

What can I do if my adviser determines I am not eligible for the guarantee?
Eligibility is based on appropriate placement in math; students must complete online placement tests as soon as possible in order to be considered for the 4YDG. If you didn't place into the math or statistics course required for your intended major, you are not eligible for 4YDG. You may utilize the Learning Module and retake the assessment up to three times. You can also consider taking prerequisite math courses during the summer prior to the start of the fall term. Contact your adviser if you want to be reconsidered for 4YDG eligibility.

Can co-admitted freshmen participate in 4YDG?
The Four-Year Degree Guarantee only applies to courses offered by Portland State University. Students may not be co-admitted at this time.

Do I have to pay an extra fee or tuition for this guarantee?
No. There is no extra charge for the guarantee.

Is there a penalty for signing the agreement and failing to meet the requirements?
No. PSU will not penalize you for not meeting the requirements of the guarantee. You may opt-out of 4YDG at any time. Let your adviser know you are no longer participating in 4YDG.

If I don't sign up for the guarantee, can PSU still help me graduate in four years?
Yes! PSU provides advising to follow a four-year degree path for all students, regardless of whether they sign up for the guarantee. Year-by-year plans for completing a degree in four years are available for all majors at

Can I sign up for this later in my freshman or sophomore year?
No. You must sign up for the agreement when you enter PSU as a freshman.

What if I have AP, IB, and/or college credit from high school?
Yes, you are eligible for the guarantee.

What if I am a current student, transfer student or don’t declare a major yet?
Only students beginning college for the first time and who have declared a major are eligible for the guarantee, but you can find a map to completing your degree in four years at Meet with an adviser in your major department or, if you have not chosen a major, in Advising & Career Services to make sure you are on track to graduate on time.

What if I am an international student who is beginning PSU in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). Am I eligible?
If you are restricted to ESL courses, you are not eligible for 4YDG. Students must be academically prepared to begin their degree during their first term at the University. If you are limited to ESL courses, you will not be qualified to take courses in your major's degree map until you reach the advance IELP level.

Can I change my major after signing up for the guarantee?
Yes. You can change your major and continue to participate in the guarantee, as long as you meet the requirements of the new major without changing your four-year graduation date. You will need to contact the academic adviser in your department and request review of your Four-Year Degree Guarantee application.

What if I want to double major or add a minor?
This may or may not be possible, depending on the number of credits required in each program. Some combinations are not feasible in four years, while others are. Contact your adviser from your primary major to determine whether or not it is realistic to complete these additional programs within the four year time frame.

How does PSU guarantee I will get into the classes I need?
You must register within one day of your assigned registration date each quarter. If you are unable to register for a required course, you need to notify your academic adviser within one business day of the assigned registration date by submitting a Notification of Unavailable Course form.

How do I know what courses to register for my first term?
As a new PSU undergrad, you must attend New Student Orientation during which you will meet with an academic adviser and register for your first term courses. To ensure availability of required courses, it is strongly recommended you attend the earliest Orientation session during which an adviser for your major is available. Students may sign up for fall term Orientation beginning April 1, 2016.

What if I do everything I am supposed to do and still don't graduate in four years?
If you meet all the requirements of the agreement but you are unable to graduate because the courses you need are not available, Portland State will pay the tuition for any additional required courses.

Where do I go for more information?
Go to or call the Admissions office at 503-725-3511 or 800-547-8887, extension 5-3511.