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Visiting Scholars

These fellowships offer senior planners the chance to learn about the American planning system and to provide insights and innovations in planning from China.

Each year the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program hosts urban planners from partner institutions in China. Scholars participate in graduate courses, lead discussions, and meet with local practicing professionals to exchange ideas and innovations. Click on the names below to view profiles including examples of each planner's work in China and presentations given during their time at PSU.

2014-2015 Visiting Scholars

Please join us in welcoming this year's new visiting scholars from CAUPD and Kunming!

Meng Suo

2013-2014 Visiting Scholars

Please join us in congratulating our last year's visiting scholars successfully completed their study here at PSU!

Xinyang Li - CAUPD, Shanghai

Bin He - CAUPD, Shenzhen

Chen Wei - Urban Planning & Design Institute Shenzhen

Li Li - Urban Planning & Design Institute Shenzhen

Zhenyu Su - Kunming Urban Planning & Design Institute

Zhiying Li - Yunnan University


Past Visiting Scholars

Year Name (Click for Profile) Home Institution Visit Duration
2013-2014 Xinyang Li CAUPD - Shanghai 1 year
  Bin He CAUPD - Shenzhen 1 year
  Chen Wei UPDIS - Shenzhen 3 months
  Li Li UPDIS - Shenzhen 3 months
  Zhiying Li Yunnan University 6 months
2012-2013 Qi Liu CAUPD - Shenzhen 1 year
  Shihui Liu CAUPD - Beijing 1 year
2011-2012 Bin Wang CAUPD - Beijing 1 year
  Xiaozhou Wang CAUPD - Beijing 1 year
  Qi Deng BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
  Bo Hu BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
  Chonglie Wang BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
  Xiaodong Zhang BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
  Ming Yang BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
  Jinyu Bai BICP - Beijing 10 weeks
2010-2011 Huifu Xu CAUPD - Beijing 1 year
  Yifan Yang CAUPD - Beijing 1 year










CAUPD = China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
BICP = Beijing Insitute of City Planning