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Past Seminars

2013-2014 Series

Date Title (Click for Details) Presenter
12/5/2013 Finding "Sustainability" in Urbanism Chen Wei
12/5/2013 Reflections from my time at PSU and the US Li Li
11/21/2013 Chinese Ecological Agriculture Sara Ivey
11/14/2013 Historical Preservation in China Nick Stoll
11/7/2013 Reflections from the 2013 Summer Interns Jeremy Dalton, Rebecca Hamilton, Szilvia Hosser-Cox, JP McNeil, Pam Phan, Anna Wendt
10/31/2013 Urban Regeneration in Shenzhen Chen Wei
10/31/2013 Sustainable Shenzhen Li Li
10/24/2013 Rebuilding Beichuan  Xinyang Li
10/24/2013 City Growth Transformation in Dongguan Bin He
10/17/2013 Local Government Finance in China  Dr. Yiping Fang

2012-2013 Series

Date Title (Click for Details) Presenter
06/13/2013 What Can Chinese Planners Learn From US Urban Development? Shihui and Qi Liu
06/06/2013 One Life For Sale Xia Zhang
04/25/2013 Is Hong Kong a Model for Chinese Planning? A Historical Perspective Tom Gihring
03/14/2013 Housing in Shenzhen: Insider & Outsider Perspectives Taran, Liu
03/07/2013 Portland Planners in China (Winter Quarter) Kelley, Johnson
02/28/2013 Ningbo Meishan Island Development Research Shihui Liu
02/21/2013 Beijing: Imperial Legacy and National Identity in the Global City Lillian Li
02/14/2013 Introduction to Urban Renewal in Shenzhen: An Insider's Perspective Lin Chen
02/07/2013 2012 Intern Research Presentations (Part 2 of 2) Koch, Taran
01/31/2013 Role of NGOs in Urban Recycling Programs - Shanghai Case Study Marie Harder
01/24/2013 2012 Intern Research Presentations (Part 1 of 2) Rowan, Dauphin
01/17/2013 Resident Experiences of Urban Renewal in Qianmen, Beijing Yongxia Kou
11/29/2012 Portland Planners in China (Fall Quarter) Multiple
11/15/2012 Developable Land Supply in Urbanizing China Yiping Fang
11/08/2012 Migrants' Residential Location Choice for Rural Settlements in Beijing Liming Wang
11/01/2012 Film Showing: Last Train Home N/A
10/25/2012 Focus on Shenzhen Planning System & Development Qi Liu
10/18/2012 Assembled in China Shihui Liu
10/11/2012 Introduction to China Summer Internship Program 2012 Interns

2011-2012 Series

Date Title (Click for Details) Presenter
05/11/2012 Housing Preferences of Residents in China: Evidence from Beijing Liang Ma
05/04/2012 Messy Urbanism: Bottom-up Placemaking in China Daniel Abramson
04/13/2012 Screening: Up the Yangtze N/A
03/08/2012 China's South-North Water Transfer Britt Crow
03/01/2012 Recent Historic Preservation Efforts in Beijing Xiaozhou Wang
02/16/2012 Chinese Urban Planning for Tourism Bin Wang
12/08/2011 Historic Preservation in Portland, OR and China Qi Deng
12/08/2011 Open Space Protection in the U.S. and Beijing Bo Hu
12/08/2011 Public participation in urban planning in Portland and Beijing Chonglie Wang
12/08/2011 Study on Portland Transportation Xiaodong Zhang
12/08/2011 Urban Growth Management in Portland and Beijing Ming Yang
12/08/2011 What Beijing Can Learn from Portland's Stormwater Management Jinyu Bai