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China Seminar

Current 2014-2015 Series

Date Topics Presenter/Leader
2/12/2015 How to make China's housing market affordable, stable and sustainable: seeking a balance between housing affordability and economic growth Yang Wu
2/5/2015 "Introducing the XinKu effect: a new motivator for pro-environmental behavior?" Dr. Marie K. Harder (Fudan University)

2014 Summer intern presentations and panel:

"Living and working in China"

"Planning and sustainability: interns in action"

"Travel and cultural experiences in China"

Presentation 1: Christine Corrales & Michael Cynkar

Presentation 2: Sara Ivey & Matt Lee

Presentation 3: Lorrie Chang & Nicholas Stoll

1/22/2015 "Is there a better strategy? Reconstruction of the Ancient Silk Road city core, Kashgar, Xinjiang" Yiping Fang
12/4/2014 Comparative analysis of Hukou in China and immigration reform in the United States Michael Cynkar

11/20/2014 Pearl River Delta regional planning and development David Fiske
11/13/2014 "'Ghost cities' in China: The uprooting of 250 million people to newly urbanized areas" Hannah Silver
11/6/2014 "Past and present life of the historic district: Protection and renewal in Harbin, China" Meng Suo, visiting scholar (CAUPD Beijing)

Summer intern presentation (Christine Corrales, CAUPD Beijing)

Summer intern presentation (Sara Ivey, UPDIS Shenzhen)

Christine Corrales, Sara Ivey (MURP program)
10/23/2014 Summer intern presentation (Michael Cynkar, UPDIS Shenzhen) Michael Cynkar (MURP program)

Summer intern presentation (Matt Lee, CAUPD Beijing)

Summer intern presentation (Nick Stoll, CAUPD Beijing)

Matt Lee & Nick Stoll (MURP program)
10/9/2014 "What do Chinese dumplings have to do with global warming?" Yiping Fang
10/2/2014 Land use and urban planning in Oregon Connie Ozawa


About the China Seminar

The China Seminar is an opportunity to engage with the planning, development, and public policy issues facing China as it undergoes the fastest urbanization process in world history. Each academic year, the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program hosts presentations, panels, film viewings, and book readings. Key to the seminar series is the involvement of our visiting scholars from China, who add their unique experiences and research to the program. Most seminars are open to the public and all PSU students are encouraged to attend.