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China Seminar

About the China Seminar

The China Seminar is an opportunity to engage with the planning, development, and public policy issues facing China as it undergoes the fastest urbanization process in world history. Each academic year, the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program hosts presentations, panels, film viewings, and book readings. Key to the seminar series is the involvement of our Visiting Scholars from China, who add their unique experiences and research to the program. Most seminars are open to the public and all PSU students are encouraged to attend.


Current 2015-2016 Series

Date Title (click for details) Presenter/Leader

Aerotropolis Development - Planning challenges under rapid urbanization in China

Shaozhi Hong

The Year in Yushu Tibetan Town - Planning and reconstruction challenges after 2010 earthquake

Shen Qu
04/21/2016  Environmental Challenges During Fast Urbanization: A Comparison of Air Pollution between China and Japan Hisato Zukeran

Local Economic Development: Case study on Redwood Furniture Businesses in Dacheng, Hebei Province

Shen Qu
02/25/2016 Linear Heritage Preservation: Saving China's Ancient Tea Horse Road from Development Hui Li

Placemaking from the Bottom-Up: Challenges and Opportunities in American and Chinese Cities

Eric Rutledge
 02/11/2016  Meglev Shanghai - the Past, Presend, and Future  Shaozhi Hong

PDC We Build Green Cities

ZGF Architecture Projects in China

Michael Gurton

Wen Zhao

01/28/2016 2015 Summer Internship Program Lea Anderson, Jasmine Rucker, Rae-Leigh Stark

11/19/2015 Urban Growth Boundaries in China - Experiences and Trends in Shenzhen and Other Cities Yi Qi
11/12/2015 Urban Transformation in Vietnam Grace Stainback and David Fiske
11/05/2015 Designing Thriving Public Spaces in Beijing Jasmine Rucker and Hannah Silver


Planning and Development in Shenzhen - Accomplishments and Challenges (Lea and Rae-Leigh)

Rae-Leigh Stark and Lea Anderson


Land use planning in Oregon Connie Ozawa