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2013 Summer Interns



Jeremy Dalton - UPDIS, Shenzhen

Jeremy's first overseas trip was to Copenhagen in 2008, to represent Portland State University at the COPENMIND Clean Technology conference. In the summer of 2012, He took part in a two week multi-modal transportation design and applications course in South Holland. He has also taken personal trips to Berlin, Southern and Western France, and Costa Rica. Jeremy is looking forward to expanding his understanding of urban-rural planning and planning for cities in the global south at the Urban Planning & Design Institute in Shenzhen, one of China's fastest growing cities.

Rebecca Hamilton - CAUPD, Beijing

Rebecca is a second-year MURP student who will be graduating in June. She has walked the Ramblas in Barcelona, learned to drive stick shift in Turkey, and spent a summer above the Arctic Circle but she has never been to Asia. Rebecca is extremely grateful for this opportunity to intern in China and hopes to work in city park/green space design, urban air and water quality management, and active transportation. However, she is most excited about the prospect of living in a foreign city long enough to call it home. She looks forward to exploring the cities on foot and learning how to be one among 12 million.

Szilvia Hosser-Cox - UPDIS, Shenzhen

Szilvia has worked in short internship projects related to low-income housing in Outer Southeast Portland (mapping their location, availability and issues) and she has worked in the sustainable agriculture, urban farming and local foods area. She is interested in learning about the diverse issues facing China because of its migration, population expansion and increase of developments and how these relate, among others, to issues with natural resources and equity. She is also excited about the new learning opportunities concerning culture, language and place.

JP McNeil - CAUPD, Shenzhen

Though he has traveled extensively throughout the US, spending the summer in China will be JP’s first real international experience (unless you count Canada). JP is a first year MURP specializing in Land Use and Transportation. Of particular interest to him are issues surrounding transit and rail, the allocation of housing to migrant populations, the redevelopment of urban villages, the displacement of residents, and the role of public participation in the Chinese planning context. He is also very interested in learning about placemaking and the preservation of historic sites in a rapidly urbanizing country. He also hopes to translate his karaoke skills into a spot onto a Chinese television program.

Pamela N. Phan - CAUPD, Shenzhen

I am a first year MURP candidate (2014) specializing in Community Economic Development. I’m looking forward to learning about how local and neighborhood development changes overtime and adjusts to the needs of residents, such as jobs, housing and affordability, entrepreneurship and daily commercial services, as well as access to human services, transportation and recreation, particularly in the the context of rapid growth. I am also excited to participate in Chinese public involvement process, and find out the ways in which community experiences can influence development and service provision decisions. My international experiences include work with local communities in Puerto Rico, Rwanda, India, and Brazil to advance organizing capacity to address the impacts of colonization, militarization, and neo-liberal policies.

Anna Wendt - CAUPD, Beijing

Anna has definitely been bitten by the travelling bug. She first got a taste for international travel visiting her aunt, who is an artist in Provence. From there, she knew that she should take any opportunity to visit foreign countries whenever she could. As such, she travelled to Mexico, Argentina and Spain for a study abroad program (she was a Spanish/History major in college), and after graduating from college, went on a two-month trip through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. She then worked with Habitat for Humanity for five years, having the opportunity to go to Thailand, Cambodia, El Salvador and Costa Rica to complete home building projects there. She is excited to go to China to examine affordable housing issues there as well, especially as it relates to rapidly growing cities.