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Regional Assets

Welcome to Portland Regional Assets! We've designed this newsletter in conjunction with The Portland Regional Partners for Business, also known as the Regional Economic Development Partners, or the Regional Partners, as a service to those working to improve economic conditions in the Portland Vancouver Metropolitan region.

The newsletter focuses on strategic regional economic issues. Each edition of the newsletter examines a different factor affecting competition for talent, innovation, and capital, and presents information about how the region compares with its competitor regions.

The Regional Partners have identified 13 areas as key competitor regions, as shown on the map: Albuquerque; Austin; Boise; Denver; East Bay area, CA; Las Vegas; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Phoenix; Sacramento; Salt Lake City; San Diego; Seattle; Upstate New York.

These areas compete with Portland for jobs, investment, and talent. The aim of the newsletter is to understand how our region compares with these regions in key competitive areas; to make our readers aware of changes that may affect our competitiveness relative to these regions; and to present research that speaks to the effectiveness of alternative competitive strategies.

We invite your feedback on the content and structure of the newsletter. Please email us with your comments at

Regional Assets Spring 2005

Regional Assets Summer 2005

Regional Assets Winter 2006