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The Institute makes available a number of publications, from our biannual magazine to conference proceedings and occasional reports.

Recent Publications:

★ Demographic Analysis of the Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades Industries, by Elizabeth Morehead, Ph.D., and Sheila Martin, Ph.D., November 2014. (.pdf) Produced for Partners in Diversity.

Metroscape magazine, Winter 2015

Highlights: Where the Ends Don't Meet, a two-page briefing paper on the 2014 self-sufficiency report.

★ Where the Ends Don't Meet 2014: Measuring Poverty and Self-Sufficiency among Oregon's Families, by Elizabeth Morehead, Ph.D., and Sheila Martin, Ph.D., January 2015. (.pdf file)

IMS has partnered with Worksystems, Inc. to release a new report, “Where the Ends Don’t Meet,” an in-depth analysis of households in Oregon that are not meeting the Self-Sufficiency Standard. The Standard is an alternative to the Federal Poverty Level that measures how much income is required to meet a household’s basic living expenses without subsidies. The analysis was conducted by Dr. Liza Morehead and Dr. Sheila Martin and supported in part with funding from Worksystems.

Sorting out the skills gap: Analyzing the evidence for a shortage of middle-skill workers in the manufacturing and healthcare industries in the Portland region, by Jamin Kimmell, M.U.R.P. candidate, and Sheila Martin, Ph.D., January 2015. (.pdf file)