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Metroscape Summer 2011

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Treatment in Miniature

Wastewater treatment is the most recent addition to a long list of sustainable practices being developed, applied, and tested in our region. Lisa Eckman explores the world of small-scale wastewater treatment as a case study of how public services are evolving due to the need for efficiency

and innovation.

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Running the Region

Running has been part of our region’s economy and its culture since Phil Knight started selling sneakers out of the back of his car in Eugene. Amy Jackson interviews David Sobolik, co-owner of Fit Right Northwest, about how running and runners have changed over the past few decades.

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The Road to Damascus

What is the future of Damascus? Liona Tannesen Burnham explores the complex issues and emotions surrounding the recent vote to scrap the city’s comprehensive plan. In ten years, what will the editor of Metroscape® write about the implications of this vote? How will it affect the future identity, economy, aesthetics, and demographics of the city and the region?





Publisher's Notes

Metroscape: great beach reading!

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The Landscape

How Cornelius is forming partnerships to create economic opportunities.

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Periodic Atlas of the Metroscape

A look at the history of transportation in the region and how it has affected growth and change. You can view additional files for this article in Google Earth by clicking the logo below.

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Indicators of the Metroscape

Mapping health outcomes in the metroscape.

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