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IMS Documents and Papers

Papers and Presentations

Demographic Trends and the Regional Economy, Sheila Martin. A .pdf version of a PowerPoint presentation to the Daily Journal of Commerce's Builder Banker Breakfast on February 7, 2012.

Demography as Destiny? Socioeconomic Trends in the Portland Metropolitan Region, Sheila Martin and Jason Jurjevich. A .pdf version of a PowerPoint presentation to the Multnomah County Library Advisory Board, February 8, 2011.

Urban Universities: Anchors Generating Prosperity for America's Cities, Sheila Martin (lead author). A monograph produced for the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities' Strengthening Communities Initiative in 2010.

The Diversity Economy: Harnessing Multiculturalism for Economic Vitality, by Sheila A. Martin
The keynote presentation at Portland Community College's Extended Learning Campus In-Service in September 2010. A .pdf version of a PowerPoint presentation.

Understanding the ONAMI Experience: Success Factors and Transferability, by Sheila A. Martin
A report produced in October 2008 on the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute. It examines what factors have contributed to ONAMI's organizational effectiveness and which of its characteristics might be transferable to other research centers.

The Portland Region in 2010: Taking Stock and Looking to the Future, by Sheila A. Martin
A presentation on regional demographic and economic trends made to the Multnomah County Commission in February 2010. This is a .pdf version of a PowerPoint presentation (48 slides, 24 pp.).

The Portland Region in 2010 (highlights), by Sheila A. Martin
This is a condensed, "highlights" version of the above (14 slides, 7 pp.), presented to the Multnomah County Leadership Forum.

Achieving Sustainable, Compact Development in the Portland Metropolitan Area: New Tools and Approaches for Developing Centers and Corridors. This report has been prepared by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies (Gil Kelley, Senior Research Fellow, convenor) based on the deliberations of a group of Portland area experts in real estate development and finance, known for this purpose as the Expert Advisory Group on Developing Centers and Corridors, convened in July through October of 2009. 

Housing Needs Study for the Portland Metropolitan Area, by George C. Hough, Jr., Sheila A. Martin, Gerard C. S. Mildner, and Risa S. Proehl
A report prepared for Metro, to respond to the recommendations of the Regional Housing Choice Task Force by providing information to guide housing choice policy for the Metro Council.

Mitigating the Impacts of Measure 37:
Implementing a Statewide Transferable Development Rights Program in Oregon

A paper by Mary Grothaus, 2007 George A. Russill Fellow

Planning in the Portland Metropolitan Area after Measure 37
A paper by Ted Reid, 2005/6 George Russill Fellow at the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies.

The Role of the Creative Sector in the Metropolitan Economy: A Portland Case Study (DRAFT)
A case study on the economic sigificance of the creative industries sector in Portland, by Sheila Martin and Katherine Krajnak

Planning at the Ballot Box: Better Decisions or the End of Planning?
A paper by Ethan Seltzer and Shayna Rehberg

Portland and Smart Growth: What you can learn from the Portland Experience
A draft paper by Ethan Seltzer, February 2001

At the Edge: University-based Institutes and Their Communities
A paper by Ethan Seltzer, from the Summer 1999 issue of Metropolitan Universities: An International Forum

Planning in the Portland Region: Lessons and Legacy
A paper by Ethan Seltzer, prepared from remarks delivered to the June 1995 "Conference on Cities in North America."

Planning for Regional Economic Development in Oregon: Finding a Place for Equity Issues in Regional Governance
An article by John Provo, published in the Summer 2002 issue of the journal Critical Planning



Oregon Land Use Statewide Survey 
A report by CFM, Inc. on their survey (March 2005) of Oregonians about land use and land use policy in the state; commissioned by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies and the Oregon Business Association.

Best Practices in Government 
A collection of best practice solutions that addresses the critical issues presently faced by local governments in the metropolitan region.

Regional Roundtable Proceedings 
Transcript of the first Regional Roundtable (May 2001) on the issue of property rights and regulation. 

1998 Annual Leadership Symposium Proceedings 
Presentations and reports from the 1998 bi-state region conference. 

Defining Issues 
Exploration of critical "super-regional" issues defined at the 1998 Annual Leadership Conference.