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Social Innovation Incubator: Members and Graduates

2013 Vector Program Members

EcoZoom is a Certified B Corp making cooking safer by designing, manufacturing and distributing high-efficiency cookstoves all over the globe. Three billion people in the world still use solid fuels (e.g., biomass, charcoal) for their daily cooking needs. Most are without access to an improved cookstove and are forced to cook on open fires or dangerous unimproved stoves. EcoZoom is part of the movement to make cooking safe for people and the planet.

Circuit Program Graduates

2013 Cohort:

Rewear manufactures and wholesale smart kids clothing and home items made from upcycled materials. The idea for our venture originates from the creative use of upcycled fabrics and the search for more sustainable options in children’s and home fashion.



Pacific Green Development is one of the first North American distributors of hempcrete, a building material that is sustainably sourced, nontoxic, reduces your energy usage, and sequesters carbon rather than releasing it.


2012 Cohort:

Bright Neighbor is a sharing economy marketplace; an online tool driving offline behavior. We automate and simplify the process of barter exchange, peer-to-peer borrowing, localized neighbor-to-neighbor rental, carpooling, and sharing. We make the management of these transactions easy through a social network organized around peer-to-peer lending or barter transactions.

  Cascadia Experience is a social business that takes youth, adults and organizations on outdoor education experiences. Participants get their hands dirty doing habitat restoration and conservation projects throughout the Pacific Northwest while learning the principles of sustainability, leadership and conservation. Our experienced leaders teach an innovative curriculum developed at Portland State University that emphasizes critical thinking and reflection. We aim to inspire current and future leaders in hopes that they can become agents of change within their communities.
elkarti, Morocco is a fashion line committed to social change, with a portion of profits donated to provide scholarships for orphans in Morocco. Elkarti designs unique accessories that are a blend between Moroccan traditional styles and the modern fashion trends. Elkarti accessories are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Morocco with carefully selected materials.
Junk to Funk uses Avant-garde Trashion (trash fashion) as art for social change in order to get people to think differently about waste.  As we all know, Americans are addicted to stuff. The combination of our culture’s manic purchasing habits plus throw-it-away mentality has a monumental impact on ecological and social health; a shift in this paradigm is urgently needed.  Junk to Funk is an Eco-Entertainment and Social Marketing company, unique in its tactic to promote consumer-related behavior change by combining visual and performance art, fashion and entertainment with fun and humorous sustainability experiences.

Meditation Momma provides classes and training in basic meditation techniques to help improve health, disposition, family life, and work environment. By taking the mystique out of meditation we make it an accessible alternative, with no harmful side-effects, to the alarming rise of medications being prescribed to address the stress, anger, fear, and insomnia that dominate our modern culture.  We teach how to use meditation to bring relief from the demands and stresses of everyday life and bring more tranquility, harmony and happiness into daily living.

2011 Cohort:


All Your Possibilities works to counter the hopelessness felt by many LGBT young people (13-24) about their future by providing them with the inspiration, tools and individual support to discover and achieve career and life goals. We will collect and disseminate stories about the career paths and working lives of a wide range of  LGBT professionals and offer concrete ways for young people to move towards and attain their  goals. Additionally, resources will be developed for teachers, counselors, parents and friends looking to offer guidance and support.

My Street Grocery is a mobile, food stamp-authorized grocer operating along high profile, pre-scheduled service routes to bring healthy food options into urban food deserts. The My Street Grocery trolley team operates pop-up markets to bring delicious, affordably-priced food directly to Portland area neighborhoods where barriers to access include cost, mobility, transportation, language, cooking skills, and other life circumstances. Whenever possible, My Street Grocery sources from from local partner producers. 

Million Monarchs is the Solar Company with a Social Mission.  We exist to creatively empower communities with solar and energy efficiency projects that honor every person in the supply chain.  We believe that most effective way to address our coming energy crisis is through the transformation of our cities and towns into clean, healthy, renewable-energy power plants and that every person in these communities must be empowered to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauces makes authentic Tibetan hot sauces under the umbrella of a nonprofit organization, Sacred Works Project. All ingredients are fresh and grown here in the Northwest. Initially created from an old, family recipe it is now being prepared and bottled for all to enjoy. Both of the Mama's Fire products (Hot Sauce & BBQ Sauce) can now be found in numerous Whole Foods Markets, as well as other locations. A marinade, peanut sauce, and ginger sauce will also be on shelves soon.

Silvania creates fine business casual apparel for women using organic cotton and alpaca fabric embellished with traditional and modern designs from Peru.  Silvania’s mission is to dress citizens of the world with clothing that captures the allure of Peruvian heritage and enhances the fashion industry’s stewardship of natural resources.  We support indigenous artisans and organic cotton farmers through long-term partnerships and community projects.

Social Innovation Systems is a software development company dedicated to improving the efficacy of the philanthropic sector, worldwide. Our software, created for the users by the users, will combine existing technologies in a more elegant way to remove barriers and enable organizations to adopt innovative social funding/investment programs, increase levels of service without increasing staff, increase giving and returns, and improve the quality of reporting.

Vector Program Graduates

Central City Coffee is a social enterprise of Central City Concern (CCC) is a Portland nonprofit working to end homelessness by addressing its root causes—addiction, mental health issues and poverty. It helps people achieve personal transformations and permanent self-sufficiency, providing primary/mental health care, addiction treatment, affordable housing and employment development. 

Preciva is developing electronic screening and diagnostic tests for cervical cancer that are more accessible, more accurate, and more supportive of women's informed involvement in their own healthcare. Designed to address the financial, geographical, and cultural barriers that limit access in low-income countries, Preciva's products also offer advantages that will transform the practice of screening in high-income countries.

Sustainable Harvest is a B Corporation and established Portland-based leader in sustainable coffee importing. Sustainable Harvest has received numerous awards including the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation.

Tipping Bucket is a crowd-funding platform that uses social media and social networks to generate micro-donations for development-oriented projects. The Tipping Bucket’s promise, “Change the World, or Your Money Back” means that donors will get their money back if a project fails to reach its goal and “tip” in time. The Tipping Bucket’s core philosophy is: philanthropy for all. Today, giving is no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy, but with as little as $1 at a time, each of our drops can fill the buckets.