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Elevating Impact Summit 2016


8am - 5pm February 5, 2016
Lincoln Hall Theater, Portland State University
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The Summit 

From garages to corporate offices, you will find pragmatic, creative people designing new solutions to pressing social and environmental issues and creating value for their companies, communities, and society at large. These social entrepreneurs are finding new ways to make a difference while changing how business is done. The Summit celebrates and shares new approaches to generating social and environmental impact across business, social, public, and academic sectors.

Why attend

  • Learn about powerful entrepreneurial approaches to creating change locally and globally
  • Celebrate social entrepreneurship and social innovation with a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Meet hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders, business and nonprofit professionals, students, academics, government officials and investors

The program

A full day of inspiring lectures, panels, presentations and awards. From 8am to 5pm you'll enjoy pitches by the region’s emerging social entrepreneurs and presentations from the country’s thought leaders on social innovation. You'll have opportunities to network with 400 peers, and be inspired by stories of resilience and musical performances. 

Confirmed sessions for 2016 include: 

  • Welcome by Dan Connolly, Dean of the Portland State University School of Business 
  • Keynote presentations by Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director of and Amelia Pape, Founder of My Street Grocery and Food Access Coordinator for Whole Foods Market

Past year highlights:

  • Keynotes by globally renowned social entrepreneurs Victoria Hale, Founder of One World Health and Medicines 360, Marc Freedman, Founder of, Kat Taylor, Co-founder of Beneficial State Bank, Eric Dawson, Founder of Peace First, and Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon. 
  • Sponsorships by allied organizations and businesses including Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Ater Wynne LLP, Mercy Corps Northwest, Beneficial State Bank, and many others. 
  • Participation from more than 300 students and professionals across sectors. 

Social innovation: a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. 

— James A. Phills Jr., Kriss Dieglmeier and Dale T. Miller. 

We caught the last Elevating Impact Summit on film: