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Pay received each month may reflect hours worked for dates of the 1st through the last day of the month (monthly cycle) or the 16th of one month through the 15th of the next month (hourly cycle). Typically, employees who are in Classified positions or positions that are non-benefits eligible are paid on the hourly cycle. Typically, employees who are in Unclassified benefits eligible positions are paid on the monthly cycle.

In addition, positions may be defined as exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Positions that are non-exempt are subject to overtime rules outlined in Federal and State laws and under applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements. Positions that are not subject to overtime pay are considered exempt.

Based on the above, employees may be asked to complete a monthly cycle time sheet, hourly cycle time sheet, monthly leave roster, or complete hours through web time entry. The following table is designed to aid employees and supervisory staff in knowing which time-keeping document is appropriate for each employee.

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Web Timesheet - Hourly paid Student, Temporary and Wage Pool - Hourly Cycle (16th-15th) Approvers/Proxies click here for Web Time Entry tips. Exception: Use paper timesheet ONLY when Web Time Entry is not available.


Timesheet - Classified - Hourly Cycle (16th-15th) Click here for tips.

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Timesheet - Classified - Monthly Cycle (1st-31st) Click here for tips.

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Timesheet - Unclassified - Monthly Cycle (1st-31st) Click here for tips.

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Leave Roster - Exempt Employees (Report any vacation, sick leave, or leave taken with or without pay during the monthly cycle. The form is sent to departments monthly by the Office of Human Resources.)

Salaried Wage Agreement or Adjunct Faculty- Generally No Timesheet is required.