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Talent Management

Portland State University feels that attracting and managing a diverse workforce to include generational, background, educational, geographic, etc. is extremely important. We offer various development, training and growth opportunities and as managers, you are responsible for managing and developing the talent of people who report to you as their primary supervisor, manager or administrator. HR is here to support you in this process and assist you to learn how to manage and develop people and how and when to provide feedback to employees.

So, what is talent management? It is a strategy undertaken to attract, develop and retain talented and diverse people that can not only meet the current needs of PSU, but also the future needs. It involves constant University and individual growth to keep up with the changing environment.

To accomplish this PSU strives to maintain, support and grow its people-oriented culture. We also work towards coordinating recruitment, retention, employee development, leadership development, performance management and culture.

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