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Staff Tuition Benefits (Staff Fee Privilege)

PSU employees appointed at half-time or more (not including temporary classified employees, graduate assistants, or other student employees) may register for classes at special rates. To qualify for the staff fee, the staff member must meet the criteria no later than the first day of classes of the term of enrollment. An eligible employee, upon approval by the University president or designee and with approval of the employee's immediate supervisor, may register for a maximum of twelve credit hours per term at staff fee rates, under the terms and conditions described in the Academic Year Fee Book. The staff fee rate is 30 percent of the resident per credit hour undergraduate tuition rate of the teaching institution, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Eligible employees may transfer their staff fee privileges to family members or domestic partners upon verification that the transferee is a qualified recipient of transferred staff fee privileges. For purposes of this policy, the term family includes spouse and dependent children in accordance with IRS Code and domestic partner as defined per Section One of the PEBB Affidavit of Domestic Partnership. If the partnership is no longer valid you must submit a Notice to Terminate Domestic Partnership which will end the staff fee privileges.

Family members are required to pay all mandatory fees (including building, health, and incidental fees) and any applicable course fees, payment deadline fees, registration fees, etc. A one-time Matriculation Fee applies to family members admitted into a program. Fees assigned to participating self-support programs are paid by the family member unless waived by the university.

To eliminate the reprocessing late submission imposes on campus enrollment offices, Human Resources is required to send all approved staff fee forms to the campus enrollment offices before the first day of classes. Due to this there are the following submission deadlines:

The Universities reserve the right to deny staff fee rates for late submission of approval forms. Denials may be appealed to the University. Also, there are programs excluded from the staff fee privilege as you can see in Excluded Programs through the Oregon University System.