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New Employee Briefing

The New Employee Briefing is held at the following conference room location:

Market Center Building
1600 SW 4th Avenue, Room 541
Portland, Oregon 97201

Please call 5-4926 or email for dates.

The Conference room is on the same floor as PSU HR, located in Suite 518, and if it's your first day of employment this may be an additional time for you to complete any outstanding paperwork. This briefing will assist you to understand your benefits and navigate your first days here at PSU. Your manager will ensure that you are able to attend the new employee briefing either before or soon after your start day. This briefing covers items beyond your initial New Employee Paperwork such as Payroll, HR Web Resources, Required and Optional Benefits, PSU History, policies you need to know, and other specifics related to PSU.

To RSVP contact the Office of Human Resources at 503.725.4926.

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) holds a yearly New Faculty Orientation in the fall that covers items such as academic priorities and information about campus resources but does not cover the benefit, payroll and other information covered by the New Employee Briefing. This is primarily for new tenure track and fixed-term faculty.