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Letters of Offer

The following templates contain the required elements for letters of offer. Departments are welcome to make additions in a manner consistent with your departmental spirit while retaining the existing information and legally required statements. If you have questions regarding modifications please contact your HR Partner.

All employment letters must have department head and dean level signatures before being presented to the employee and also before the employee’s first day of work. Administrative Stipends have additional signatures that must also be obtained before the letter is presented to the employee.

Remember to choose from each of the [bracketed] components in the template to tailor the letter according to your employee’s individual situation.

Make sure you always ask your prospective employees if they are working anywhere else on campus. This will help prevent many employment conflicts such as loss of a graduate assistantship or personal services contract.

AAUP - Full-Time Faculty or Academic Professionals | Excluded

Unrepresented/Unclassified | AFT/Adjuncts | Wage Agreements | Administrative Stipends

Courtesy Faculty/Volunteers | Graduate Assistantships | Classified | Other Tools

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AAUP - Full-Time Faculty or Academic Professionals

Academic Professionals - Letter of Offer
Non-Tenure-Track Faculty - Letter of Offer (single and multi-year) Word
Grant-funded Non-Tenure-Track Faculty - Letter of Offer (single and multi-year) Word
Tenure-Related - Letter of Offer Word
Tenure-Related - Supplemental letter template Word
Related Promotion and Tenure Attachment (*should be included with all initial Tenure Track Letters of Offer)
Fixed-Term Faculty Position Description

Excluded from Union Representation Due to Assigned Responsibilities

Fixed-Term & Excluded - Letter of Offer Word
Tenure-Related & Excluded - Letter of Offer Word

Unrepresented Unclassified Employees - POF, FADM, ATH

Unclassified Unrepresented - Letter of Offer Word

AFT - Adjuncts - <.50 FTE Teaching or Research

Adjunct Teaching - Letter of Offer Word
Adjunct Research Salary (>$455 per week) - Letter of Offer Word
Adjunct Research Hourly (Per hour or <$455 per week) - Letter of Offer Word
Cancellation of Appointment for Adjunct Pay PDF Word

Hourly Temporary/Wage Agreements - Non-Credit Teaching, Consulting, Irregular Service, Temporary Classified

Wage Agreements (hourly and salaried)- Letter of Offer - NEW!!! Word
Temporary Classified Letter of Offer (for temporary positions which fall under SEIU classifications) Word
Supplemental Overload Wage (For work over 1.0 FTE) - Letter of Offer Word

Administrative Stipends

Administrative Stipends (Temporary higher level duties) - Letter of Offer

Courtesy Faculty/Volunteers

Courtesy Appointment - Letter of Offer Word
Conditions of Volunteer Service


Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship - Letter of Offer (12 month) - 9-month GA's should be hired through EPAF
Graduate Assistant Terms of Appointment
Graduate Assistant Salary Schedule
Graduate Assistant Modification or Cancellation Form Word


Classified Letter of Offer Word

Other Tools

Employee Type Compatibility Matrix
Research Classification and Rank Matrix