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EPAF Errors & Warnings

Once you submit the EPAF, if there are any issues within the EPAF, the screen will show one of two message types:

  • Warning – Warnings simply deliver information to the user, but will still allow the EPAF to process successfully.
  • Error – Error messages will not allow the EPAF to progress to the approval levels.  Errors must be corrected.

These errors indicate that the employee needs to come to HR to complete or update their new employee mandatory paperwork:

  • *ERROR* ID is not defined as an employee.  Establish Employee Record.
  • First Name, SSN/SIN, Birth Date or Gender incomplete.
  • *ERROR* Job Begin Date cannot be after Employee’s Termination Date.
  • *ERROR* New Effective Date cannot be after Employee’s Termination Date.

This error means that the employee already has a job in Banner with this position number:

This error means that the action being initiated has an effective date prior to the last paid date on this job record.  Review and correct the entered effective date as needed.  If this action is retroactive HR will need to delete the EPAF and enter the action manually.


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