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Drug Free Workplace Policy

Federal regulation makes it essential for Portland State University to clearly articulate a policy concerning drugs in the work place. That which follows is a statement of the institution's current policy.

Standard of Conduct

(Faculty, Staff and Student Employees)

Portland State University is committed to maintain a drug free work place.

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of illicit drugs by University employees in the work place is prohibited.

Any employee convicted of violating a criminal drug statute in the work place must notify his or her supervisor no later than five days after such conviction. The supervisor will immediately notify the Provost, in writing, of this reported conviction.

The possession or use of alcohol in the work place is likewise prohibited except for its (moderate) use at University sanctioned events where the serving of alcohol has been approved. Impairment in the work place due to the use of alcohol is prohibited.

This policy applies to all University employees, including employed students.

Sanctions for Violation

(Employees and Students)

In addition to any penalties under federal and state law, employees found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary sanctions consistent with applicable provisions of state laws and regulations, Oregon State Board of Higher Education administrative rules, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and applicable University administrative rules and directives. If imposed, sanctions will include appropriate personnel action (up to and including termination), and may require satisfactory employee participation in an approved drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program.

The University supports programs for the prevention of controlled substance abuse by University employees and students, as well as assistance programs for those with problems related to controlled substance abuse. The University provides an Employee Assistance Program for eligible faculty and staff with controlled substance dependency problems. This service provides no-cost evaluation, consultation, and referral on a confidential basis. The University also provides assistance for eligible students with dependency problems through Student Health Services; this assistance is also at no cost and remains confidential. The health benefits packages available to all eligible University employees provide at least partial reimbursement of expenses related to treatment and rehabilitation services associated with substance abuse problems.