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Driver's License & Criminal Background Check Policies

See the brief information below to help determined if the position you are recruiting for needs to have a valid driver's license or to successfully pass a criminal background check. If the answer is yes to either question you must include that specific requirement in the "Minimum Qualifications" section of your position announcement.

Which Positions Need a Driver's License?

Any employee operating a motorized/utility vehicle (including those which are used for transporting equipment and people; patrolling the campus grounds; and to perform campus maintenance activities) to conduct PSU job-related functions must submit proof of a valid driver's license prior to receiving an offer of employment and prior to operating a PSU vehicle.

Which Positions are Subject to a Criminal Background Check?

Portland State University requires that any positions, including student positions, determined as "Critical" or "Security-Sensitive" must have final candidate successfully compete a criminal background check before a final offer can be extended. Final candidates for student positions must sign and submit the PSU Background Check Consent Form and submit it to Human Resources to begin this process.  Supervisors must not view the completed form, and give instructions to the student employment candidate to return it directly to HR.   

Generally, the background check takes only a few days for completion. According to OAR 580-023-0106, critical or security sensitive positions meet at least one of the following:

  • Has direct access to persons under 18 years of age;
  • Has direct access to student residence facilities because the person's work duties require the person to be present in the residence facility;
  • Is providing information technology services and has control over, or access to, information technology systems that would allow the person to harm the information technology systems or the information contained in the systems;
  • Has access to information, the disclosure of which is prohibited by state or federal laws, rules or regulations, or information that is defined as confidential under state or federal laws, rules or regulations;
  • Has access to property where chemicals, hazardous materials, and other items controlled by state or federal laws or regulations are located;
  • Has access to laboratories, nuclear facilities or utility plants to which access is restricted in order to protect the health or safety of the public;
  • Has fiscal, financial aid, payroll or purchasing responsibilities as one of the person's primary responsibilities; or
  • Has access to personal information about employees or members of the public including Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, driver license numbers, medical information, personal financial information, or criminal background information.

Once the background screen is administered, an HR representative will contact the Supervisor with information to proceed or not with the hiring process.  

The following is information is frequently provided to supervisors and applicants when discussing the background check process at PSU: First, having a misdemeanor or felony conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant from gaining a student position at PSU.  The relevancy, severity, and timing of the conviction/s will be weighed carefully, and employment decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Second, convictions of misdemeanor or felony crimes are not automatically expunged from one’s record even in cases when criminal activity is eligible for expunging.  The court must be petitioned in order to have any convictions removed.  Third, falsely responding to the questions on the form may result in a student’s disqualification for employment or termination of the student’s employment status. Fourth, PSU follows a strict need-to-know practice of confidentiality, and strongly values an applicant’s integrity in handling the background check process

For further questions about background checks for student employees, contact your HR Partner.