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Looking to extend the Housing Experience?

Below are some services provided through third-party companies in conjunction with University Housing. Housing is not directly affiliated with these parties nor does Housing process any form of payment. Looking for campus resources?

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 Company  Description of Services

Pearl Self Storage
We have a special offer for PSU students - 50% off of first month's rent. Housing has fliers that students need to pick up in our office. Pearl Self Storage is YOUR neighborhood storage solution. Conveniently located in the Pearl District of Portland, Pearl Self Storage is the perfect location for any storage need from a hobby flex space, from car storage, boat storage and vehicle a man cave, from bulk warehouse storage. If you’re looking for rental storage space, let our professional rental storage staff with over 78 years of combined experience discuss the public storage solutions and value that we have to offer!
Getaround Getaround

Looking at renting a car? Maybe having your car rented from other people?

Getaround is a new program looking at peer-to-peer car sharing. Each rental is provided their own insurance - so that's covered!

Worried about it? Don't! They screen drivers and vehicles to ensure they meet our eligibility requirements.

Collegiate Concepts, Inc.

The SafeConcepts unit has been engineered specifically for the University living environment. Not only can you store your valuables safely, but you can charge your laptop while it’s protected inside your SafeConcepts safe.

What a Concept! The SafeConcepts Electronic Safe can be locked and unlocked with the swipe of a credit card or with a personal code entered onto the keypad - so it’s easy to keep valuables secure.

University Endorsed Linens Program

For years, Portland State University has been recommending Residence Hall Linens to students. Many residence halls at Portland State University have extra-long mattresses that make specially-sized blankets, sheets and comforters necessary. These extra-long beds (more than 76 inches in length) are intended to make all students as comfortable as possible.

We provide a varied assortment of custom-sized linens that we guarantee will fit every bed and last until graduation. Our goal is to make certain every student and parent arrives with the perfect size sheets for move-in since those XL sheets can be more difficult to find.