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Block Party

Are you a local business or organization looking to get involved with the Block Party? Click here for more information!

Are you a student organization or department looking to get involved with the Block Party? Click here for more information!


What is the Block Party?

The Block Party is an event that will be held on May 23 from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the field between the Greenhouses and the Science Research and Teaching Center. We hope to have involvement from multiple student organizations and departments who are willing to have a booth/games while taking the time to represent their organization to our on-campus residents and community members. Residence Life staff as well as Residence Life student organizations will be organizing the event and providing a BBQ as well as other activities, but would greatly appreciate your organizations involvement in order to show off all the unique opportunities PSU has to offer. Last year, we had over 600 students come to the event and had over 20 other departments and organizations involved for the Block Party. This year we hape to have even more involvement from our campus partners!

Why the Block Party?

Similar to the Party in the Park at the beginning of the academic year, we use this opportunity to keep our students involved and energized about the PSU community during the summer months. Because University Housing is a year-long operation (our buildings never close, and we always have students living with us), we always have a captive group of students who are willing to and looking for ways to get involved. This would be a great way to continue to grow your student organization/department during a time where we traditionally see a lagging in student interaction.

Giving Back

The UHRL Block Party will also be doubling as a fundraiser for the University Housing Scholarship Fund, which is an award given to students wishing to live on campus, but who face financial hardships. Our primary means of raising money will be through a door prize raffle, so if you have any department/organizational swag or giveaways to spare, we definitely won't turn them down. We also wouldn't turn down monetary donations, either!

What to do if you want to get involved

We are looking for a wide variety of participants in this year's Block Party. Campus organizations and local businesses are all welcome to join in on the fun. There are many ways to be involved, too! Even if you want to participate, but cannot attend the actual event, we encourage you to look at the information and submit one of our Google forms to let us know how you'd like to be involved.

If you are a student organization or PSU department, please click here to find out more information about participating in the Block Party.

If you are a local business or organization, please click here for more information.