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Guide to Completing the Internship/Research Form

Internships and research opportunities can be fantastic educational experiences.  The form clarifies expectations of the individuals and groups involved in your internship, including the student (you), the sponsoring agency (your internship organization), and Portland State University.  This guide explains the purpose and requirements of each section to assist you in completing the form.  Please remember that you will need to bring a completed draft form to meet with Jane Marie Ford, the Urban Honors College Graduate Assistant/Internship Coordinator, before your internship is finalized.  If you have any questions, she will be happy to assist you.

Section I: this section explains your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the sponsoring agency in creating a successful internship.  If you have any questions of what is expected of you, please speak with your Internship Supervisor, and Jane Marie is here to help with any concerns you might have.

Section II:  Please provide your contact information, as well as that of your internship supervisor and the sponsoring agency.

Section III:  Please provide your Internship Title (are you a Research Assistant?  Communications Intern?) and the number of hours per week you are committing to the internship experience.  An eight to ten hour per week commitment is required for a four-credit course, and a minimum of twenty hours per week required for an eight-credit course.  Please also fill in the academic quarter in which you anticipate completing the internship, and the last day of the quarter.  All of your internship hours should be completed by that day.

Before you commit to an internship experience, please consider how the required time commitment will fit with the rest of your academic obligations.  Many students find it best to undertake an internship in a lighter academic quarter in order to get the most out of their internship experience.  Please also remember that you will be enrolled in an accompanying D2L course, which includes requires participation in discussion sections, weekly reports of hours worked, and a midterm and final paper, among other potential assignments.  The internship course is also available in the summer.

Section IV:  Please describe your internship role and responsibilities in as much detail as possible.  This should include daily/weekly tasks, as well as any major projects or deadlines, if applicable.  Your internship should include either a research component or a project that will significantly contribute to the development of your professional expertise.  This section is very important because it outlines the mutual expectations of you and your internship supervisor about what you will undertake during the course of the internship.  Including as much detail as possible will also assist the Honors Program in determining if this internship is an appropriate fit for your academic and professional goals.

Section V:  Please provide at least six to eight learning outcomes for your internship experience.  Learning outcomes should be tangible, concrete objectives.  Consider the following acronym SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

Are your learning outcomes specific?

How will you measure progress toward your learning outcomes?  

Are your goals achievable and realistic within the context of your internship?  It is difficult to "understand" a major concept in your field in 10 weeks.  What is a concrete skill or experience you can hope to achieve in a timely manner?

Having a hard time getting started?  Take a look at some of these strong action verbs.  This is a great way to help generate more specific objectives, rather than broad statements.  

Section VI:  There is some funding available for students completing internships through the Urban Honors Program.  If you need funding for transportation or accommodations, especially if the internship is located outside of Portland, please provide a detailed estimated budget and budget justification in the space provided.  A budget justification is an explanation of how you arrived at the estimated costs.

Section VII: Please do not sign the form until you have reviewed the document with Jane Marie or Dr. Fallon and your internship supervisor.  Your internship experience has not been approved until everyone signs the form.