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Anthós Issues

Vol. V, Issue 1 // Spring2013

anthos. // 2012-13 Personnel

"Embrace" // Tatyana Ostapenko

Letters from the Editors// Joseph van der Naald, Katherine Jensen

Between Two Jailers: Women's Experience During Colonialism, War, and Independence in Algeria // Adrienne Leonhardt

Idealism and Pragmatism: "Transcendent" Validity Claims in Habermas's Democratic Theory// Richard Van Barriger

Operatic Observation of the Audience: Examining Chapter One of Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence// Andrea Franke

Russian Nationalists' Misconception of the Turkestan Cotton Industry, 1911// William Cohoon

The Gamer Subculture in Lacey, WA // Kate Washington

"The Perfidy of the Jews": Visigothic Law and the Catholic Public Sphere // Jonathan Phillips

Trading Freedom in the Russian Empire: The Extent to Which Russia Attempted to Solve the Jewish Question by Granting Jews Rights Only in Scenerios that Economically Benefited the State // Nathan Hellman 

Vol. IV, Issue 2 // 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference Special Issue

Better Learning Though Augmented Reality: AR in the Classroom // Alex Manning, Russell Powers, Xan Pedisich

Effects of Light Limitation on Plant-Rhizobia and Plant-Mycorrhiza Interactions // Jess A. Millar

Vol. IV, Issue 1 // July 2012

Research Proposal for Study: Can Artifical Emulation of Synesthesia Aid Visual Word Recognition // Lucas Charles

Imperialistic Incentives // Katherine Jensen

Toward a Culture of Healing: Why Alternative Therapies and a Feminist Framework are Needed in the Care of Pregnant Women and the Treatment of Postpartum Mood Disorders // Angela Leonardo

Entanglement: Health, Healing and Society in Africa // Haley Noel

Jacques Ranciere's Politics of Literature, Writing and Aesthetics in the Letters of John Keats // Darcie Hart Riedner

It's Not What You Do, It's Who You Are: Adjectives as Identity-Conferrers // C. B. Rodgers

An Analysis of the Impact of Global Warming on Hurricane Activity in the United States // Jesse Senzer

"The Revolutionary Road to Ruin: Friedrich Hecker and the Insurrection of April 1848": An interview with Dr. Steven Fuller (Department of German, Portland State University) about his upcoming book // Alex Sorenson

Vol. III, Issue 1 // June 2011

Landslide Susceptibility in Tryon State Park, Oregon

Tyranny, Marriage, and a New Market

Embedding Parallel Computation in a Stochastic Mesh Network: A Morphogenetic Approach

Review of Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb

The Epistemology of Ignorance

Aphorism's Destructive Capacity Towards Logocentric Text in Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra

The Femme Fatale and the Exotic Queer within Shinya Tuskamoto's Tetsuo: Gender as Narrative Tool within an Allegory for Post WWII Japan's Industrialized Identity Crisis

Vol. II, Issue 1 // April 2010

Anticipated Effects of the U.S. Mexico City Policy on the Attainability of the Millennium Development Goals and future Development Efforts in sub-Saharan Africa

The Imprint of Foucault’s The Order of Things on the Works of François Jacob

Jacob’s The Statue Within: An Autobiography vs. Jacob’s Nobel laureate statement

Breaking the Cycle of Big Man Rule in Africa

The Venus Victorieuse and Renoir’s treatment of the Female Nude

Vol. I, Issue 1 // June 2009

Letter from the Editors

The Impacts of Gentrification on the African American Business Community of Portland, Oregon

Cultural Responses to Climate Change in the Holocene

Tax Competition in the Film Industry

Congress and the ERA

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