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An Undergraduate Honors Journal

Anthós is a student-run, peer-reviewed, open-access undergraduate academic journal published by the University Honors Program (UHP) of Portland State University (PSU). Anthós publishes papers written by PSU undergraduate students from all disciplines, in an attempt to promote the undergraduate academic discussion at PSU, to provide UHP students with the experience of working on an academic journal, and to provide PSU students interested in continuing their education through graduate and professional schools the opportunity to publish their undergraduate research. Anthós is published at the end of each academic year in June.


PSU Submissions: At this time the submission deadline has passed. Anthós is no longer accepting submissions for the 2013-2014 issue. 

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Anthós Junior Editors Needed!

Anthós is currently recruiting for Honors students to join its Editorial Board for the 2014-2015 academic year!

  • Application Form
  • Applications are due May 22.
  • Please email your application form and academic writing sample to
  • Please also ask the Honors professor providing your recommendation letter to email the letter directly to

Anthós Editors are eligible to receive Honors internship credit for their work on the journal!


Vol. V Issue1 //Spring 2013

Vol. IV, Issue 2 // Undergraduate Research Conference Special Issue

Vol. IV, Issue 1 // July 2012

Vol. III, Issue 1 // June 2011

Vol. II, Issue 1 // April 2010

Vol. I, Issue 1 // June 2009


2013-2014 Editorial Staff


Sarah Donaldson

Managing Editor

Anthony Beers


Amanda Arms

Anna Conner

Robert Eversmann

Zachary Cosby

Thomas Howell

Andréa Franke

Clarissa Gaillardet

Lydia Giles

Corinne Hutfilz

Curtis Jewell 

Sheena Miller

Samuel Olson

Simon Robins

Bhargava Sreekantham

Stephanie Tshappat