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Public History Student Work

Student Work in the Public History Program at Portland State University

Sara Paulson (MA, Portland State University, 2005) 

Sara Paulson completed her thesis titled "The Oaks in the Progressive Era: Consumer culture in a Portland, Oregon Amusement Park, 1905-1925" in 2005. As part of her fulfillment of the public history track requirement, she completed a website that illustrates key themes and developments in the park's history.

Eliza McCanty-Jones (MA, Portland State University, 2005)

Eliza McCanty-Jones was led to thesis work through a public history project that published oral histories of conscientious objectors who were held in a Civilian Public Service camp during World War II. Her interviews with a woman who lived and worked at the camp, on which her M.A. thesis was based, are now archived and publicly accessible at a local institution. She is currently editor of the Oregon Historical Quarterly at the Oregon Historical Society, where her work incorporates aspects of both academic and public history.