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Below is the Wellness Wheel, which is a good model to consider when you think of your overall wellness. Wellness is when there is a degree of balance among all these areas: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Environmental and Spiritual.

Wellness is about how all these dimensions work together, it is an ongoing process that involves personal time and commitment. Like a wheel, if all of the spokes or dimensions are functioning at optimal levels, the wheel rolls along smoothly. If, however, one of the spokes or dimensions becomes weak, the wheel will run off course. Wellness is a choice and a way of life. To learn more about various types of Wellness, please select one of the topics below and explore various websites that will help you on your journey to Wellness. You can also take this free online Wellness Assessment created by and the National Wellness Institute to determine what areas you need to focus on in your life.

Is English your second language? Visit this website to help with translating health information.


New Health Care Law

The Affordable Care Act - " The law is changing the way some Americans get health coverage.  And it is increasing access to care for all of us.  The law aims to make our current health care system stronger, hold insurance companies accountable and ensure that all Americans have coverage.  Knowing what's in the Affordable Care Act can help you make smart health care decisions for you and your family.  Some changes are happening now, others are set to take place in 2014.  Find out what's happening in your state and what the law means for you."