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Upcoming Courses

Fall 2014 Courses

The courses below are scheduled for the upcoming term. In addition, for purposes of planning, students may wish to browse the Political Science faculty’s 2-year course plan. The plan is tentative is there is no guarantee that the courses will be taught, or taught by the listed instructor, but it does provide our best projection of  2014-15 and 2015-16 course offerings. You may contact the Division Chair, David Kinsella, for the most current course scheduling information.

PS 101-001: US Government (Cornett)
PS 101-002: US Government (Jeffries-Bilton)
PS 102-001: US Politics (Johns)
PS 1/399-001: SPST: Civic Leadership Development (Clucas)
PS 200-001: Introduction to Politics (Dzeguze)
PS 204-001: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Gilley)
PS 208-001: Introduction to Political Theory (J. Lampert)
PS 221-001: Introduction to Law and Legal Studies (Shortell)
PS 317-001: Film & Politics (Bronfman)
PS 318U-001: Media, Opinion, & Voting (Hite)
PS 319-001: Politics of the Environment (Eastin)
PS 353U-001: Introduction to Latin American Politics (Valdini)
PS 361U-001: Introduction to Politics of the Middle East (Benstead)
PS 371-001: War & Morality (Kinsella)
PS 387-001: Politics & Fiction (B. Lampert)
PS 399-002: SPST: Inequality, Poverty, and Social Justice (Williams)
PS 399-003: SPST: Violence, Rebellion, and Civil War (Eastin)
PS 410-001: TOP: History and Politics: Theory and Methods (Dickson)
PS 4/510-002: TOP: Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Middle East (Benstead)
PS 410-003: TOP: US-Iran Relations (Kheirabadi)
PS 4/510-004: TOP: Ethics and Public Policy (J. Lampert)
PS 4/521-001: Supreme Court and American Politics (Shortell)
PS 4/523-001: Civil Liberties (Johns)
PS 4/531-001: State and Local Politics (Clucas)
PS 4/552-001: The European Union (Yesilada)
PS 4/554-001: International Political Economy (TBA)
PS 462-001: International Relations in the Middle East (Bechtold)
PS 4/593-001: Philosophy of Social Science (Gilley)
PS 530/PAP 630-001: Seminar in International Relations (Kinsella)