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Public Policy Graduate Programs

Hatfield School doctoral students are passionate, dedicated individuals driven to understand the “why” and not satisfied with the status quo.

If you’re passionate, dedicated to community service, and considering a graduate degree, you’ll find a like-minded community in the Mark O. Hatfield School at PSU’s College of Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA).

The Hatfield School offers one interdisciplinary Masters degree program and two interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree programs that capitalize on the full gamut of academic resources within CUPA as well as resources from our Portland, Oregon community: the Master of Public Policy (MPP); the PhD in Public Affairs and Policy (PAP); and the PhD in Health Systems and Policy (HS&P). All three graduate programs provide students with strong mentoring, life-changing opportunities, and the ability to tailor a degree around your deep and personal passions.  

Master of Public Policy

The Hatfield School's cutting edge Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree is designed to meet the growing demand for public policy professionals in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. The degree is built on the disciplinary foundations of the study of public policy within the fields of political science, public administration, and economics.

PhD in Public Affairs and Policy

Supported by the Hatfield School’s location in the city center of Portland and partnerships throughout the city, state and region, students pursuing a PhD in Public Affairs and Policy (PAP) create a customized course of study around one of three tracks: public administration and policy, politics and public policy or economics and public policy.

PhD in Health Systems and Policy

The Health Systems and Policy (HS&P) doctoral degree draws on Oregon's role as a leader in health systems transformation, collaborations with OHSU and the Oregon Health Authority, strong partnerships with major local health systems and insurance organizations, and faculty from each part of CUPA to provide students with a unique educational experience around the concentrations of health service delivery, health system administration, community health, and health service analysis.




Bruce Gilley, MPP and PAP Director


Sherril Gelmon, HS&P Director

Megan Loos, Office Coordinator

Sarah Orizaga, Office Coordinator


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