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Criminology & Criminal Justice Fully Online

Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) provides students the opportunity to complete their PSU bachelor’s degree or post-baccalaureate certificate fully online. Students are not required to visit campus and are not required to “attend” online courses during specific hours.

CCJ: Flexible Campus vs. Fully Online

Whether students choose to earn their criminology & criminal justice bachelor's degree through the flexible campus program or the fully online program, the bachelor’s degree and post-baccalaureate certificate requirements are the same and the degree is the same -- “online” does not appear anywhere on the degree or on official PSU transcripts.

CCJ-Online courses are taught by the same nationally-known, award-winning CCJ faculty who teach on campus.

CCJ – Flexible Campus: CCJ courses are offered in a variety of formats:  in-person, partially online and fully online. This allows some scheduling flexibility, though some required courses can only be completed by attending in-person courses.

CCJ – Online: All CCJ courses are offered fully online. In-person attendance and campus visits are not required to complete the CCJ major. Specialized advising is provided to help students identify and enroll in fully online courses that will satisfy university bachelor’s degree requirements. Students can also complete non-degree certificates fully online.

How to Enroll

CCJ – Flexible Campus: Apply for admission to PSU.  Admitted PSU students simply declare CCJ as their major (or minor) by filling out a form on PSUs website. There are no special registration or application requirements for CCJ -Flexible Campus students. In-person, hybrid and fully online courses are made available through the regular university schedule of classes.

CCJ – Online: Enrolling in CCJ - Online requires meeting specific admission requirements  and completing a separate program application process. Once accepted into the program, students are provided access to the CCJ – Online fully online courses. 

·      For transfer students who have never attended PSU, an application to PSU and to the CCJ – Online program are completed at the same time.  New students are assisted with the entire process by a CCJ - Online Enrollment Advisor. For more information visit: or call 1-866-225-7127 to speak with a CCJ - Online Enrollment Advisor.

·      For students who have already attended PSU, only a CCJ – Online program application is required. Students do not need to be re-admitted to PSU.  For more information and assistance with the process, contact a CCJ – Online Enrollment Advisor at 1-866-225-7127. 

Detailed information about the CCJ – Online program, certificates, requirements, transfer credits, and admissions procedures is available at CCJ – Online Enrollment Advisors are available at 1-866-225-7127 for questions and to walk you through the process of program application.