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National Policy Consensus Center

The National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC) is an applied research and development center in collaborative governance that serves both the state of Oregon and a national audience. The Center offers students and faculty real-world experience that informs both research and teaching.  NPCC also provides its resources as a credible, neutral forum to leaders and their communities seeking to address public issues and opportunities.  

NPCC houses the following programs:

    Oregon Solutions develops solutions for community-based problems and opportunities that support Oregon's sustainability objectives for the economy, environment and community and are built through the collaborative efforts of business, government and the civic sectors.

    Oregon Consensus provides a neutral forum for Oregon agencies and stakeholders to resolve conflicts and develop public policy in the areas of human services, natural resources and community development. 

NPCC's National Program works with leaders and universities across the country to establish and strengthen the use of collaborative forms of governance to address public issues. 

NPCC's Training and Internship Program also brings federal, state, and local government officials to PSU for targeted trainings and offers a Public Policy Facilitation training and internship placement for graduate students who want real world experience in resolving complex public policy issues.