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Criminology and Criminal Justice Careers

Find out about real life careers in CCJ, watch a how-to video for using PSU’s career center, and check out our Career Series Webinars with professionals working in the field, at our CCJ Careers Center.

Criminology and criminal justice (CCJ) typically brings to mind three major career types: law enforcement, courts and corrections. While many CCJ students go on to work in these careers, large numbers go on to work in other careers within the broad CCJ field.

CCJ careers fall into one or more of the following broad categories:

  • The making & enforcement of the law
  • Preventing or reducing crime
  • Monitoring the behavior of people or organizations that make or enforce the law
  • Helping address the harms caused by crime and/or efforts to control it
  • Assessing what causes crime, developing approaches to reduce it, and measuring the effectiveness of crime prevention/control approaches

Because this list encompasses so many different career paths, the CCJ faculty encourage students to take time to explore the many possibilities during their time in the program. To help with exploring career options as well as locating actual jobs, the CCJ Division has assembled a host of resources from within and outside PSU.