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MSFA Pathway Program

The Accounting Bachelors plus Master of Science in Financial Analysis Pathway Program allows undergraduate business students majoring in accounting at Portland State to pursue their master's degree in a more seamless and cost effective manner.


Benefits of this Pathway

  • Head start on your Master's degree: Earn up 
    to 15 credit hours of graduate coursework as 
    an undergraduate student.
  • Tuition Savings: Your graduate coursework 
    counts toward both degrees and is billed at 
    the undergraduate rate.
    • Fast Track Admission: Apply as early as
      your junior year and have the GMAT
      requirement waived.
    • Guaranteed Spot in MSFA: Graduate in
      good standing with your bachelor's degree
      to secure your spot in this masters program. 
    RequirementsWhen to Apply?
    • Admission to Portland State's School of
      Business Administration. 
    • Junior standing or higher with cummulative
      GPA of 3.3
    • Completion of 12 credits of upper division 
      (300/400) accounting coursework with
      GPA of 3.4
    To maximize the benefits of this program,
    you can apply once you have completed 12
    upper division accounting credits. This will
    allow you to start taking shared credits your
    Junior and Senior year.

    Click here for the MSFA Pathway application