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MIM Global Expertise

Intercultural competence is given equal weight to business acumen and skills development in the MIM program. This competence differentiates you from your peers in the job market, and gives you the personal and professional tools you need to realize your goals in the Pacific Rim marketplace.

A highlight of the MIM program is the 3-week Asia Study Tour (and 4th week option in SE Asia) which provides students the opportunity to practice their new language and cultural skills in a real-life business setting.

The Portland State MIM program offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to intercultural competence and integrates Mandarin Chinese and Japanese language training into the curriculum. MIM students will receive 150 hours of intense language study while in the program -- the result is a level of practical fluency that empowers you to interact independently, both socially and professionally.

Important MIM Language Program Requirements

  • All students must choose to study either Mandarin Chinese or Japanese while enrolled in the MIM Program.
  • Students with some competence in one of these languages are given a proficiency test. The results of this test determine the student's placement into beginning, intermediate, or advanced level classes. Students must successfully complete this level of language study to fulfill their language requirement.
  • International students from Japan are automatically placed in the Mandarin Chinese class and international students from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore are automatically placed in the Japanese class.

Upcoming Events:

Age of Pacific Lecture Series, January 27th, 2014.

Lunar New Year Party, February 1st, 2014.