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MBA- Supply Chain Dual Degree

Portland State University offers a dual degree pathway for MBA students to complete their MS in Global Supply Chain Management (MS GSCM) after completing the MBA degree. Before formally entering the Portland State MS GSCM program, students must successfully complete the entire MBA curriculum and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA in all graduate coursework. Students working toward dual master's degrees must be admitted to the second degree program no later than one term prior to the term in which the student graduates from the first degree program.

Contact information:

If you are a current student, contact the Academic Director of the MBA program.

If you are not yet a Portland State student, contact the Admissions and Recruiting Specialist.

MBA students enrolling in the supply chain dual degree program will be able to share16 credit hours of the 52 credit hours of the gobal supply chain managment curriculum.

Shared Courses Include:

mba cOURSE NUMBER MS GSCM Course Number eQUIVALENT ms gscm cOURSE TITLE Credits
ACTG 512 GSCM 512 Global Supply Chain Managerial & Cost Accounting 4
BA 526 GSCM 517 Supply Chain International Field Study 4
MGMT 511 GSCM 520 Global Supply Chain Strategy 2
ISQA 511 GSCM 522 Global Leadership & Ethics in Supply Chain Management 2
MGMT 515 GSCM 521 Global Information, Systems and Data Analytics 4

The MS in Global Supply Chain Management is an online, part-time program. The required coursework for this dual degree can be completed in 18 months. All credits (including all shared credits from the MBA program applied to the MS GSCM dual degree requirements) must be completed within a seven year period for them to count towards the dual degree.

Any classes taken before formal admission into the dual degree program will not count.

Required Courses Include:

Course Number Title Credits
GSCM 511 Principles of Strategic Global Sourcing 4
GSCM 513 Principles of Strategic Global Logistics 4
GSCM 514 Sustainable Reverse Logistics & Closed Loop Supply Chain 4
GSCM 515 Global Case Studies in SCM 4
GSCM 516 Global Supply Chain Forecasting & Product Planning 4
GSCM 518 Global Supply Chain Project Management 4
GSCM 519 Global Contract Negotiations 4
GSCM 525 Supply Chain Capstone Consulting Experience 4
GSCM XXX Elective 4