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MBA Consulting Project

Portland State's exclusive capstone consulting experience allows students to work on a real life business consulting project before graduation.

These projects put all the theoretical knowledge to work, giving you the chance to gain experience in applying coursework through experience testing, strategy formulation, and teamwork to solve problems and build new skills.

You will work in small 3 - 4 person groups with a local, regional or international company and commit 300-600 or more total hours over 12-18 weeks to complete this “real world” business project. Your Capstone Consulting Experience Faculty Advisor will work with you and the client company to provide your team with a company overview, access to key stakeholders, a project proposal, schedules and focus. New projects are started four times each year.

Projects are selected to match areas of concentration as best as possible and may have a focus such as Finance, International Business, Sustainability or Innovation. This is an opportunity for you to put all your graduate business skills to work, and for you and your team to make a difference for a company with a real-world problem which you will solve.

Current students, click here for course details and prenofication form.