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Master of Real Estate Development

Break Ground on a Fearless Future

With the support of the Center for Real Estate Development, Portland State University's School of Business Administration and School of Urban Studies and Planning joined together to offer the only Master of Real Estate Development degree in Oregon and Southwest Washington.


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It’s an exciting time to be in real estate. From sustainable development to the master planning of livable communities, developers are looking for passionate leaders who are able to envision and execute their talents across the entire development cycle. The real estate development market is undergoing rapid growth due to social, economic and environmental changes. Global populations are migrating to urban areas resulting in a surge of development projects in the face of shrinking physical space and environmental susceptibility. According to PWC, by 2050 the number of people residing in urban areas will grow from 3.6 billion to 6.3 billion, representing a 75% increase in urban growth. By 2025, we are expected to see the emergence of 14 new ‘megacities’ bringing the total to 37 across the globe. An understanding of sustainable urban growth and community development will be key drivers in meeting the challenges of global urban planning. The industry of real estate development needs your help.


Known internationally for its commitment to sustainable development, community development, progressive land use policies, and livable communities, the Portland metropolitan region serves as the laboratory for the Master in Real Estate Development Program. From strategic solutions to project implementation, the MRED will equip you for successful and innovative design and practice. With both hands on and theoretical training, our program is designed to make you the future’s premier leader in sustainable urban development.


Gain a comprehensive real estate education with the theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experiences to maintain sustainable urban communities. Prioritizing the needs of our students, this flexible program can be completed in as little as 18 months for full-time students or 36 months for part-time students. In order to provide a solid foundation in the industry of real estate development, the curriculum is based on three essential educational clusters.

  • Fundamentals: Develop a strong understanding of business skills so you can deliver solutions for real world challenges. This core section focuses on finance, real estate economics, real estate law, market analysis and housing economics.
  • Community: With Portland as a role model, PSU’s program places high prioritization on environmentally sustainable development. While still concentrating on equitable economic development this core section covers downtown revitalization, sustainable cities and regions, affordable housing finance, America’s changing neighborhoods, and community planning.
  • Projects: Put your knowledge into action through the capstone project. The MRED capstone is your practical application to the process of real estate development. While gaining knowledge from industry experts and working in collaboration with your cohort, you will work with a local client to produce a sustainable and financially secure development plan for a multi-block site in Portland, OR or Seattle, WA.


Offering invaluable professional connections and networking opportunities the program will help you build well-connected relationships with successful companies. Portland State University is world-renowned for its integration with the local community, and leverages these partnerships to ensure the students and the city thrive and progress together. These unique collaborations and experienced faculty provide multi-purpose educational offerings for students looking to build their career or make meaningful change in any facet of real estate development.



Prepare yourself for a career in real estate development by not just studying, but by experiencing the real estate industry. The demand for environmentally conscious and educated real estate leaders is growing as the global real estate market rapidly expands. According to PWC, investible real estate will grow by 55% between 2012 and 2022. The need for energy efficient, low-impact and community driven real estate development projects will be central to creating a sustainable tomorrow. The Center for Real Estate at PSU is dedicated to preparing students for the market and a successful job search by connecting students to professionals in Portland’s real estate community. Local employers who have hired our MRED graduating students include: Gerding Edlen Development, Umpqua Bank, Integra Real Estate Services, StanCorp Mortgage Investors and CBRE. Now is your chance! Break ground on a fearless future with our Master of Real Estate Development degree.