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Master of International Management

Be a Global Leader

Developing global leaders in Asian business and culture.


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Demand is high for individuals who can cross cultural boundaries and lead fearlessly. The global marketplace is expanding and companies are in need of international business experts not just to drive operations overseas and collaborate across borders but also to bring the global mindset necessary for success. According to Ernst & Young, these emerging markets will account for nearly half of all global GDP growth by 2020. As companies continue to grow, an understanding of cultural and economic differences will be critical to their success. To prepare for this growing need, executives are looking for international experience, whether from education or work, and seek candidates with a global mindset as 44 percent of senior executives reported cultural barriers were the greatest obstacle to hiring globally in a recent Economist survey. Our Master of International Management (MIM) program will give you a competitive advantage in today’s global business marketplace by exposing you to both business curriculum and cultural immersion experiences, creating the mindset needed to catapult you to success!


PSU is dedicated to developing strong global leaders for Pacific Rim business and culture. With almost half of the current MIM cohort as international students from homelands across Asia, MIM students benefit from this diverse environment and the opportunities it provides for language practice, cross-cultural exchange, and global perspectives. Develop your business acumen while attending classes with students from around the world to gain unique perspectives.

While our classroom coursework is created to offer timely material in a collaborative model, our program reaches beyond Portland and sets high educational standards with a three-week, integrated real-world business tour of Asia. Get the skills and expertise needed to become a global business professional, fully prepared to participate in this dynamic international marketplace.


The MIM is thoughtfully broken into four essential areas of education, the global business core curriculum, language and cultural studies, degree specializations, and the final Capstone. Each offers a unique and invaluable piece of the full-time 15-month program, equipping you with the skills and hands-on confidence to fearlessly build yourself as a future global leader.

Global Business Core Curriculum: The program begins by advancing your skills and understanding of fundamental business practices and strategies. Then builds deeper knowledge of the global competitive landscape and key pain points facing emerging international businesses today.

Language and Culture: While cultural barriers are a huge challenge for business integration on the global level, the MIM program emphasizes the importance of language skills and cultural awareness. PSU offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to intercultural business communications while you develop proficiency during 150 hours of language training in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese.

Specialization: Moving beyond the traditional business curriculum, students can focus in one of two globally focused concentrations, Global Marketing or Global Supply Chain Management.

  • Global Marketing: Looking to build an effective international marketing campaign or launch a new product into a global market? The Global Marketing focus will equip you with an understanding of cultural nuances allowing your business endeavors and marketing efforts to be efficient, effective and powerful. Save your future company valuable time and money with a skill-based understanding of niche markets, global pricing structures and international communication strategies.
  • Global Supply Chain Management: In today’s fast-paced global market, supply chain management has become an intricate and challenging web of legal, governmental, and business concerns. Learn the nuances of global sourcing and international logistics management to lead any successful business plan.
Capstone: Partner with local companies currently working through international business challenges. Put your education to practice conducting market research and compiling strategic and insightful recommendations. The Capstone, allowing you to make a difference.

The MIM program is incredibly unique in it’s ability to educate students both locally and abroad. PSU is internationally recognized for its local involvement and entrepreneurial business culture. With strong ties to the international business community in Asia as well, students can easily and successfully build meaningful professional connections across the globe.


Are you ready to lead fearlessly? Companies are in need of candidates that have a deep understanding of cultural diversity and foreign language skills. According to an Economic Insights survey, 75 percent of senior executives expect their company to expand into more foreign markets by 2020. Get the preparation you need for a career in global business management with our first class curriculum and cultural immersion. Your new career is on the horizon as professional executives from leading companies such as adidas, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, LG International and Nike all seek to hire the Portland State MIM graduates. MIM, be a global leader!