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Global Sustainability & Supply Chain, Coffee and Apparel in Portland

2014 Dates: August 22nd - 23rd, 29th - 30th, September 5th - 6th, 12th - 13th, 2014

Applications will become available in mid November, 2013. Please see Application Process for more details on how to apply.

How is Portland's regional economy evolving to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How is Portland's reputation for sustainable business leadership informing global supply chains and business pratices? How are key Portland Metro-regional industry clussters changing the way the world does business? How are sustainability inspired consumers impacting how everyday products are sourced and made, from the shoes we wear to the coffee we drink?

This 4 week course will explore global business issues through the lense of two of the Portland Metro region's key industry sectors: coffee and athlethic and outdoor apparel. Students will learn first hand from Portland executives and innovators leading groundbreaking efforts and iniatives through site visits, guest speakers and ineractive projects student will explore chanllenges including building global supply chains informed by regional values, fostering fair and save working conditions around the world, and differentiating Portland exports in the global marketplace. Research and reading assigments will be required before, during and after the 4 week course experience. 

Program Costs

tuitionprogram dependent feesout-of-pocket costs total estimated costs
$2,304- $2,772
(dependent on your 
current rate)
$775 $0 $3,079- $3,547
(dependent on your
tuition rate) 

Draft Itinerary

Day 1: August 22 Business Visit Portland
Day 2: August 23 Class 1 Portland
Day 3: August 29 Business Visit Portland
Day 4: August 30 Class 2 Portland
Day 5: September 5 Business Visit Portland
Day 6: September 6 Class 3 Portland
Day 7: September 12 Business Visit Portland
Day 8: September 13 Class 4 Portland

Note: Preclass coursework will be completed online.

Led by Dr. Scott Marshall and Professor Alison Dennis

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