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Financing Your MIM

Graduate Assistants (GA) are awarded tuition remission on a full (12 credits per term) or partial (6 credits per term) basis with a monthly stipend of a range of $400 - $600. They also support faculty with innovative research and administrative support throughout the academic year.

GA's are selected based on outstanding past achievement and their promise for success in the MIM program.


GMAT Score 660 - 720
GPA 3.46 - 3.71
Years of Work Experience (Post-Undergraduate Degree) 5 - 6 Years

Process and Timeline for SBA Graduate Assistantship Awards:

  • Applicants are awarded GA positions throughout the admissions cycle (You will be considered for a GA position by opting in through the Graduate Business Programs departmental application).
  • August through September - Faculty begin interviewing GA recipients for specific positions.

Students in the MIM program should contact Peter Racht, Financial Aid Coordinator at 503-725-5482 or email for all MIM related financial aid questions.

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