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Social Sustainability Colloquium
Friday, October 31, 2014 - 2:00pm

Fridays, 2-4 p.m.
ASRC (Rec Center Building), Room 660 (and sometimes 620)
1800 SW 6th Avenue
Free and open to the public

Friday - Oct 17

Shift Happens, Rapidly!

Jeff Goebel returns!! 

Jeff will talk about two critical elements overlooked in most discussion about climate change.  These two elements could potentially soften the blow, or reverse the effects of climate change, while increasing the well-being of individuals and communities across the globe. The two critical elements? 1) The role photosynthesis plays in the earth's carbon cycle, and 2) The opportunity for human core belief and behavior to be changed quickly and effectively on a global scale. This work, which Jeff and others have demonstrated to be effective on a localized level over the years, is being developed into a more formal manner under the Green Dot Project.  Your input will be very useful into the full implementation.

This is a lead-in to Jeff’s Fall train-the-trainer series, "Empowering Communities" - six weekends throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

Jeff's Bio:

With over 30 years of national and international successes in consensus building, conflict resolution, and visioning for sustainable solutions, Jeff is a leading expert in helping individuals and communities attain their goals and remove the obstacles that lie in their way.  Jeff’s career has focused on catalyzing positive change with nonprofits, tribal governments, government agencies, multi‐national corporations, communities, and small family ranchers.  His articles and studies have been published in professional journals, anthologies, and on his blog.  He is currently writing a book entitled: One Thing You Can Do To Save the Planet, an “every person’s” guide to reversing the catastrophic deterioration of the eco-system that draws on his extensive research and experience in human behavior modification, carbon sequestration, range management, and conservation history and practices.

Jeff holds a Masters of Regional Planning from Washington State University. Jeff’s master’s thesis is a case study of the Integrated Resource Management Planning process that he successfully led at the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, which encompassed trust lands of 1.3 million acres. He is currently a Candidate for PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Portland State University.

For information about the climate change train-the-trainer workshop and other related presentations in the Portland Metro area. You may need to copy and paste this link!

Next up –  

THIS YEAR, 2014 – Celebrating 10 YEARS of Social Sustainability Colloquium conversations!! 

Oct 24  Citizens’ Initiative Review Showcase: Healthy Democracy, Oregon and Beyond!

Lucy Greenfield, Director of Development & Public Affairs, HDO (Healthy Democracy Oregon), and Wendy Willis, Director of PCI (Policy Consensus Initiative) and Director of Research and Development for NPCC (National Policy Consensus Center). Wendy is a national leader in the field of civic engagement and citizen-centered decision-making.  

Fall 2014 Schedule

Oct 10 - OUR ENVIRONMENTAL HANDPRINT – THE GOOD WE DO Jon R. Biemer and Willow Sage Dixon

Oct 17 - Jeff Goebel – SHIFT HAPPENS, RAPIDLY: TWO CRITICAL ELEMENTS IN CLIMATE CHANGE (Intro to Empowering Communities) ASRC 660

Oct 24 - Citizen’s Initiative Review Showcase: Healthy Democracy, Oregon and Beyond! ASRC 620

Oct 31 - Presenting AASHE conference highlights (and sample presentations) ASRC 660

Nov 7 - Learning Gardens Laboratory, Lettuce Grow, and Growing Gardens   Denissia Withers, Rima Green, and more!! ASRC 660

Nov 14 - Innovation in Education – through Design Thinking!   Gina Condon, Construct Foundation, ASRC 620

Nov 21  - GPSEN: Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, a UNU Regional Center of Expertise - A World Tour and more updates   Kim Smith, Jamie Stamberger ASRC 660 

Nov 28 - Thanksgiving weekend

Dec 5 - Challenges in Creating Sustainable Communities, Update on Work in Australia   Larry O’Connor  ASRC 620