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Enrollment and Insurance Considerations

Once you are accepted to a program, the Office of International Affairs will enroll you directly in the associated course(s).

Your agreed upon program fee for the course will be billed as associated with this course. The Office of International Affairs will send you an email before billing you explaining what you can expect to see on your account.

There are number of enrollment considerations for students to be aware of when committing to an international experience. These include:

SHAC Eligibility

If you are using any of your international experience units as counting toward your full time status, you will not have access to SHAC services. Given how these programs are set up, you do not pay fees on the units you receive for these programs. As a result, you are not paying SHAC fees. You must carry 9 graduate units in addition to the program or petition and pay extra to gain access to SHAC if you wish to use these services.

For more information on how to petition for SHAC coverage, please visit

Graduation Considerations/Grading Considerations

Fall term programs: Given that these courses require you to complete work after the Fall term has ended, if you are planning on graduating in Fall term you travel, you will have to delay graduation until Winter. Grades will not be able to be submitted on time for your records to be closed in the Fall in which you travel.

Please consult with you academic advisor if you have concerns around your travel and how it matches up with your expected graduation term.


Every student traveling will be automatically enrolled in travel insurance for the duration of the time you are traveling with each program. Once you have been enrolled in the program, you will receive an email confirmation with more information about your insurance plan.

For more information about the travel insurance provided through these programs, please see the general packet of information here. (link to pdf coming soon).