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2014 Offerings

Early Summer

Global Leadership & International Finance in France (Marseille)
Innovation & Lean & Green Management in Germany (Reutlingen)

Late Summer

Supply Chain in Asia (Vietnam & China)
Local Option: Global Sustainability & Supply Chain, Coffee and Apparel in Portland 


Social Enterprise in Cambodia (Siem Reap & Phnom Penh)

Choosing a Program:

Program offerings will change each year. Once potential programs are announced in late summer for the upcoming year, you will want to begin considering which programs you might be interested in applying for. 
There are a number of things to consider when choosing which International Experience is right for you. The most common factors students consider when deciding which opportunity to apply for are:
  1. Topic of Study: Many students feel strongly about matching up their career interest to their international experience. This can be especially helpful if you are or plan to be in an internationally focused position in the future.
  2. Location: While subject matter can be a big draw for some students, others want to have a specific international experience that is location dependent. Many students chose a program based on the location, sites and experiences they want to enjoy in the country.
  3. Student Experience: Each program offers students a unique experience. Some programs provide more culturally immersive experiences, while others offer the benefits of being immersed in an academic community. It is helpful to understand what to expect from each experience.

    Gathering Information: In order to help you make a decision, we recommend that you utilize several strategies to gather information about these experiences. These include: 

      • Check back here for up to date information regarding specific trips. 
      • Make appointments with your Academic Advisor, Program Director, Global Initiatives Program Administrator. They can help you in gathering more information, connecting to past participants, and determining which programs best fit into your educational and career goals.
      • Seek first hand experiences from past participants and program faculty members. They will be the best people to give you an accurate picture of each program's in country experience.