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Business English Summer Immersion Program

Come improve your English language and communication skills through the BESI PROGRAM!
Dates: September 8th-19th
Cost: $995 (includes all tuitions & fees)


What is the BESI Program?

As a two-week intensive English language and communication training, the Business English Summer Immersion (BESI) program is uniquely designed and tailored to the needs of our international graduate business students. Collaboratively designed by our business faculty and ProActive English, a local English immersion expert, to increase sucess in the classroom and the business field, our instructors will target the following key areas:

  • Accent reduction
  • Vocabulary building
  • Spoken grammar
  • Active listening
  • Writing structure
  • Grammar
  • Self-editing

By focusing on the skills sets, you can experience the full value of our award-winning programs by increasing understanding, engagement and application of our curriculum. As our courses involve significant group interaction and projects, the BESI also provides an opportunity to get acclimated and grow confidence and aptitude to be an effective team member and business professional.


What the program delivers

To ensure an improved learning experience once in Portland's State's Graduate Business Programs, the BESI instruction will be offered through both in-classroom and invidicual coaching including:

  • 40 hours of classroom training 
  • 2 individual coaching sessions
  • Pre and post-program assessment
  • Guest lestures from local business professional 
    and PSU Graduate Business Programs faculty
  • Access to 50+ hours of learning activities 
    through Web-based tool, including content 
    designed specifically for students in the 
    School of Business Administration.


Who should take BESI?

BESI gives international students the chance to get acclimated on campus, build relationships with classmates and professors, and improve their English and business communication skills, all before attending orientation.

The admissions committee will require BESI as a condition of admission of applicants based on language and communication proficiency.

Additionally, BESI is open to any non native English speakers interested in improving their business Enligh skills.


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