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Asia Field Study

"The three week trip to Asia, visiting multiple countries and gaining exposure to a variety of businesses is absolutely invaluable to cementing all the classroom learning." —Darla Balzer, Class of '08, Senior Training Specialist, Starbucks

MIM Asia Field Study

A highlight of the Master of International Management program is the 3-week Asia Study Tour (and 4th week option in Southeast Asia). This important excursion involves students and faculty traveling together visiting Tokyo, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh. Many prospective students acknowledge that this trip is a primary factor in their attraction to our program. Virtually all graduates agree that it was an invaluable element of their MIM experience.

This tour of Asian business capitals gives students the opportunity to network with different companies and business executives in Japan, China, and Vietnam. Numerous tours and lectures are scheduled in each city along the way. The trip also gives students a chance to practice their language skills in a real-life setting and to experience the Asian culture and lifestyle first hand. And, of course, there is time for fun and sightseeing, including visits to such landmarks as the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palaces of Tokyo and Beijing.

The MIM Asian Field Study Trip is designed for current MIM students only. For more information on this year's trip, please Contact Us with questions.









Companies visited during previous Asia Field Study Tours include:


  • Nissan Diesel Ageo Factory

  • Asahi Brewery

  • Sekisui Industrial Company

  • Microsoft

  • Toyota Hino Motors


  • Lenovo

  • Nokia

  • Motorola China

  • Sam’s Club Beijing

  • Beijing Praxair Inc.


  • Baosteel

  • Baosideng

  • EGL

  • Petters International

  • Corning, Inc.

  • Coca-Cola China

  • Shanghai Motors, Inc.

  • Shenmei Beverage and Food