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Viking Pavilion and Academic Center

Portland State University is undertaking one of the largest renovation projects in its history--the Viking Pavilion and Academic Center.



The Viking Pavilion and Academic Center will transform PSU's outdated athletics facility into a lively campus landmark for academics, the arts and athletics. A new entrance and glass windows will open up the building to the South Park Blocks, and energy-efficient design and construction will demonstrate PSU's commitment to sustainability.


The renovated building will include 30,000 square feet for studying, tutoring, advising, and health and physical education classes. A new 5,500-seat pavilion will fill Portland's need for a mid-size public venue and have a significant positive impact on the region:

In addition, the project will: 

  • Create 396 construction jobs; and
  • Support the equivalent of 24 permanent full-time jobs.

A public-private partnership, the project combines at least $20 million in private funds with $24 million in state bonds.

For more information about how you can help match the state bonds and support this important project, please contact Kristen Norquist, 503-725-2164 or