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Student Profiles

Keith McKinnon (right) and Garrett Armstrong (left) created a virtual tour of the Bull Run watershed and Portland’s water delivery system. The water bureau now “flies” the public and new employees through the system to demonstrate the challenges of protecting one of the world’s most pristine urban water systems. To support Portland State University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean’s Fund for Excellence, contact Paul Mortimer or click here to make a gift.

Physics major Spencer Krum (second from left) and a team of engineering students are developing electronics and software to fly a four-bladed helicopter without remote control or GPS. They bring creativity, innovation, problem solving and critical thinking to the project because no such drone currently exists. To support Portland State University’s Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, contact Pamela Gesme Miller or click here to make a gift.

Sophomore Hannah Consenz is pursuing her dream of a career in opera, thanks to a Jeannine B. Cowles Music Scholarship. Portland State University is the only university in the Pacific Northwest to produce a full-length opera each year. To ensure the continued strength of the program, the College of the Arts has a $1.5 million campaign underway, $500,000 of which will be funded by a generous match from Ms. Cowles. To contribute, contact Ann Prater or click here to make a gift.

Josh Nelson (second from right) and his team of fellow business school students created a business and marketing plan to help a Portland restaurant attract cistp,ers amd cut costs. The students' hands-on experience strengthened their business skills and the restaurant gained effective business guidance. “I am pleased to say our plan is working,” Nelson said. To support Portland State University’s School of Business Administration, please contact Brian Federico or click here to make a gift.