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Supporting PSU through a Gift of Life Insurance

Lilja "Tobie" Finzel, Class of '69 was fortunate to be able to participate in a foreign study program offered by Portland State College's Central European Studies Center. Tobie and her PSC friends spent the entire 1968-1969 academic year in the former Yugoslavia and traveled to other Slavic-speaking countries including the former USSR. The photo shows the student group upon their arrival in Zagreb in the Fall of 1968. (Tobie is in the front row, center.) Today, this group still gets together to relive their stimulating (and fun!) year in central Europe. (Portland State College did become Portland State University in time for Tobie's graduation in June, 1969).

Strongly believing in the University's excellent academic programs and wanting to help support the programs for future students, Tobie has listed PSU as a beneficiary of her life insurance policy. Because life insurance policies are not included in probate or in the administration of an estate, the University will promptly receive the proceeds of Tobie's policy and will be able to begin using her gift immediately for the purpose she intended.

Other PSU contributors have found that after a number of years, they no longer need their life insurance policy. Listing PSU as a beneficiary is a simple process and can be completed by contacting one's insurance company. Other contributors have chosen to transfer ownership of their life insurance policies to PSU. Still others have chosen to create a new policy, pay the annual premiums and list PSU as owner and beneficiary. Contributors normally have significant tax advantages when making life insurance policy gifts.

Tobie is very pleased that the proceeds of her life insurance policy will provide additional support and resources for the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature in PSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.