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Sample Bequest Language


Sample Bequest Language


"I hereby give to the Board of Trustees of the Portland State University Foundation (Federal Tax ID 93-0619733) located at 2125 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 510, Portland, OR 97201, the sum of $____________(or name a percentage of your estate) for the benefit of Portland State University."

Gift Designation

You may include additional wording to give more specific instructions as to how Portland State is to use your bequest. For example, you may specify that your bequest be used for student financial aid, faculty research, a specific college or school, or another particular program, activity or project. You may also specify that your gift is to establish (or supplement) an endowment that will be used to provide perpetual support.

Type of Bequests

A specific bequest is the simplest way to make a legacy gift. It designates a fixed dollar amount or specific property to a beneficiary. This type of bequest is appropriate when you have an item of value (stocks, bond, real estate, and works of art) or a definite dollar amount you want to leave. Residual or proportional bequests designate either your entire estate or a percentage of your estate after other specific bequests are distributed. The advantage of designating a proportion of your estate to the PSU Foundation is that the bequest automatically adjusts in size as the value of your estate increases or decreases over the years. Contingent bequests are carried out only if circumstances make it impossible to carry out a primary bequest. For example, if all other primary beneficiaries are deceased, a contingent beneficiary will receive the bequest. The PSU Foundation is often named as a contingent beneficiary in the wills and trusts of young friends of Portland State University.


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